El Planeta


El Planeta is a comedy about eviction.

Amidst the devastation of post-crisis Spain, mother and daughter bluff and grift to keep up the lifestyle they think they deserve, bonding over common tragedy and an impending eviction.

Cast & Crew

Amalia Ulman as Leonor Jimenez
Ale Ulman as María Rendueles
Nacho Vigalongo as The Older Man
Chen Zhou as Amadeus

Original Score by Chicken

Produced by Amalia Ulman, Kathleen Heffernan and Kweku Mandela
Co-Produced by Sebastian Pardo and Riccardo Maddalosso

Written and directed by Amalia Ulman

About The Director

Amalia Ulman (b. 1989) is an Argentinean/Spanish artist and director based in New York City. Ulman's work blurs the distinction between herself and the object of study, often creating humorous, gentle deceptions, while exploring class imitation and the relationship between consumerism and identity. Always pushing the boundaries of performance, her fictional narratives often take place in unexpected platforms.

Ulman's performance Excellences & Perfections was archived by Rhizome at the New Museum (New York) and exhibited at the Tate Modern and Whitechapel Gallery (London). Ulman's video essay The Future Ahead screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival. Latest works include the video work Buyer Walker Rover, Aka. Then There, commissioned by Feng Boyi for the Wuzhen Biennale of Contemporary Art in China and Sordid Scandal, a video essay on the making of El Planeta, commissioned by the Tate Modern (London).


Upcoming Screenings

New York City
April 28, 2021 6:00PM & 8:45PM at New Directors/New Films: Walter Reade Theatre
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April 28, 2021 6:00PM ET on FLC and MoMA platforms
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General inquiries: hello@elplaneta.info
Instagram: @elplanetafilm


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